Running A Tiresome Buying And Selling Relay? Give Us The Baton!

Finding the right buyer for the property is hard, but is the next step harder? Looking for the right property to buy is hard, is the next process even harder?

We’ll nothing will be hard for you, as long as we are around. Who are we? We call ourselves ‘the conveyancer’
Our credentials
We are;

* Licensed

* Qualified

* Smart Thinkers

* Brilliant Advisors

* Popular

What can we help you in?

* When you trying to purchase or sell a property

* If you need to update a title

* When you want to subdivide a land

How exactly do we help you?

If you are buying;

* We will do the preparation, clarification and lodgment of legal documents for you.

Eg: Your purchase contract, memorandum of transfer

* We will research the property and its certificate of title

Eg: check for easements, type of title

* Do the calculation for the adjustment of rates and taxes

* Transfer the deposit money into a trust account

* Settle the property on your behalf

* Contact your bank or financial institution when payments are done

If you want to sell;

* We will complete all legal documents and ensure that they are all sorted

* We shall be your representative and respond to all requests made by your buyer

Eg: Extension of dates, questions pertaining to titles

* Carry out the proof of identity checks

* Make arrangements to obtain title deeds from deeds holder

* Arrange for the keys of the property to be released to the buyer

How long do you think we take to get these done? 

It’s just eight to ten weeks? Such a short period? Yes we do not prolong our clients. We stick to timelines. It’s not a mere promise we make – we deliver what we promise on time!

Do we charge a premium for all these?

We never do. It’s only a nominal fee. We are quite transparent. You’ll be provided with a quotation, always with a provision for a flexible change.

Then how flexible are we when it comes to charges?

Our conditions

* If there is no movement then we do not charge

In the event the purchase or the sale fails for some reason, we do not charge you. Only third party charges that may have incurred.

* We do not charge by the hour

We charge only for the entire contract irrespective of the time period.

* No hidden charges

No hidden or indirect costs levied to customers

We have begun the journey of the conveyancer in Kellyville not to earn a mere buck, but to partner with you and run this race together!

Come join hands with us and experience a world of difference!
Call us today – tomorrow may be too late!

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